5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Inground Pool

5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Inground Pool

Are you a Tulsa-area homeowner thinking about having an inground pool put into your yard for next summer? Maybe you spent a lot of time this past summer in a neighbor’s or a relative’s pool and decided that you’d finally like to have one of your own. Great!

At Designer Pools of Tulsa, we’d like to share with you five points that you should consider when thinking about pool design as you plan your project.

#1: Safety first!

We’re listing this first because it’s the most important aspect of pool design. Regardless of the shape, size, or fun features that you include in your pool, you must take the proper safety precautions and install fencing around it to make the space as safe as possible for you and anyone else using the pool.

Properly enclosing your pool limits your liability should someone have an accident, and it also means that you’ll be able to dissuade uninvited swimmers from accessing the pool. There are options for fencing, so you’ll be able to choose one that complements or accentuates your pool or the other landscape features in your yard.

#2: Who will be using the pool and for what?

These may seem like obvious questions with obvious answers, but you need to ask them. Are you the only one who will be using your pool? Do you have young children or elderly parents who will be swimming in it? (So will you need handrails in various locations?) Do you want to be the destination for pool parties? Are you planning to primarily swim laps? (So will you want a longer, narrower pool?)

The answers to these questions will affect different aspects of your design and layout, as well as what features you might want to include.

#3: Is your planned design in useful proportion?

The proportions of your pool should be dictated by both your decisions about what the pool is being used for and the amount of available space in your yard. If you don’t have a lot of free space, a large pool might seem to overwhelm the area.

If you have a lot of available space and want to use the pool to host parties, a tiny pool might make the latter hard to do, and the pool may seem even smaller than it is if it’s surrounded by a great deal of empty yard.

#4: What is the surrounding landscape like?

Your pool and the surrounding landscape should complement each other, rather than oppose each other. You may want your pool to be the focus of any (or most) of your backyard views, but the landscape won’t go unnoticed. Think about how unmovable features (such as large trees, sheds, greenhouses, outdoor kitchens, and fountains) will affect the placement and design of your pool, but also the overall appearance of the space.

Consider what other elements (plants, flowers, shrubs, benches, a hot tub) you might want to incorporate into your yard to create a flow between the different areas that make up the entire space and create an eye-catching, inviting oasis in your yard.

#5: What is your lifestyle like?

Adding a pool isn’t just a worthwhile, fun investment. Pools require routine care and maintenance to ensure their safety, cleanliness, attractiveness, and longevity. Make sure you think about how your own needs and wishes will be impacted by the addition of a pool. Do you stay home a lot in the summer months? Do you travel a lot during the summer (or, do you plan to start?) Do you want to, or plan to, do most of the necessary maintenance yourself, or do you want to hire a professional company to do that maintenance for you?

Your answers to these questions should influence the overall design of your pool, including whether you add additional features, and which (such as a diving board, slide, swim-up bar, waterfall, hot tub, or in-pool lighting).

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