7 Costly Mistakes Homeowners Make When Building a New Pool

7 Costly Mistakes Homeowners Make When Building a New Pool

The addition of a swimming pool to any backyard can be an exciting one. Done well, it will add value, quality of life, and plenty of relaxation to your home. Yet, there are many instances when things go wrong, and the property owner is left to struggle with a pool that does not fit their needs. To avoid this situation, be proactive. Learn as much as you can about the residential pool construction company you hire. Here are some ways to ensure you never find yourself regretting your decision.

#1: You Haven’t Considered Enough Pool Construction Companies

At the heart of your success is the pool contractor. Not all provide the same level and quality of service. In pool construction, craftsmanship and workmanship is essential. Don’t choose just any pool builder. Learn as much as you can about the company – the length of time they’ve been operational, their team, and their local reputation. It is worth the effort.

#2: Trusting the Pool Builder to Make the Best Decisions

The way you use a pool is different from the way others will. When it comes down to the design, allow your builder to offer suggestions rather than giving you no options. Don’t assume the design the builder offers is the best for you. Consider various layouts, designs, and features to meet your goals. Your pool designer will work with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

#3: You Want the Lowest Price

It is possible to install a new pool affordably, but the lowest priced option is rarely the best option. You want to ensure you have a budget in mind, but keep it realistic. You do not want inferior materials to be used or to select a pool that’s not right for your family’s needs. Most importantly, you want quality materials and exceptional workmanship.

#4: You Fail to Plan the Right Layout

Investing in a swimming pool for your backyard means you will need to consider a wide range of details. First, you’ll need to consider location. Keep the pool closer to your home. This ensures you are able to keep water lines and electrical close by. It also means you have the ability to monitor your pool easily – something that is important if you have children.

#5: Take the Time to Consider Features Carefully

A pool is more than a hole in the ground. Most have a variety of features to make them more enjoyable to use. A diving board, for example, is a common option. However, it tends to be a bad decision. If you want a diving board, you will need a significantly deeper pool. Other features are important too, such as having an installed pool deck. Be sure this is considered from the start of your project.

#6: You Are Set on a Specific Look

Your pool construction company will work with you to design the pool from the layout and shape to the color of the tiles. However, the function is more important than the look. Some pools cost a significant amount of money – such as those with an infinity edge – but they are not as practical and usable.

#7: Not Realizing Just How Big of a Project Building a Pool Is

There is a lot of planning and work that goes into creating a pool. It is always a very customized process. It is essential, then, that you work closely with a pool construction company capable of helping you to create just what you need, handles all of the permits, works out the details, and ensures outstanding workmanship for installation.

At Designer Pools of Tulsa, you can expect exceptional support and service. We will help you to develop the pool that is just right for your home and your needs. And, we’ll help you avoid these common mistakes when building a pool.