Benefits of a Gunite Pool

Benefits of a Gunite Pool

A backyard pool can be an oasis where you and your family relax, refresh, and reboot, but in order for a pool to be enjoyed long term, it must be designed with the best materials and quality workmanship. If you desire to have an in-ground swimming pool, along with hours of fun just ahead, it’s worth the investment to take your time discovering the best material for your in-ground pool.

When you plan to install an in-ground pool, there are three options from which to choose: vinyl, fiberglass, and gunite. Each option comes with pros and cons. Careful research of each option will help you make the best long-term decision.

Fiberglass Pools


  • Can be installed easily in about one week
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy on the feet of swimmers
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Cons

    When weather changes, water may get between the shell of fiberglass pools and the ground, causing cracks. Fiberglass pools typically last between 10-15 years before they crack, and sometimes cracks can’t be repaired.

    Vinyl-lined Pools


  • Built with a concrete bottom and a wood frame
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cons

  • Vulnerable to staining from pool chemicals
  • The typical vinyl pool liner lasts 6-12 years and may need to be replaced for a sizable financial investment.
  • Gunite Pools


    Highly durable: A gunite pool with plaster finish will last 10-30 years, while a gunite pool with a pebble finish can last over 40 years without cracking or needing to be replaced. The gunite pool structure is strong and highly durable because it is framed with steel—like many skyscrapers are! Once the concrete is poured and dried, the durable, solid structure is ready to last for decades. Gunite pools last longer than any other type of in-ground pool.

    Easily fits your existing landscape: Gunite pools can be designed in almost any shape and size homeowners desire, giving you the perfect shape to fit your landscape. With gunite pools, no two pools are exactly alike.

    Highly customizable: Choose from a variety of colors or finishes so your pool complements your landscaping.

    High-end finish: You can choose finishes made of pebbles or glass to create a luxury-looking pool.

    Fantastic warranty: Gunite pools have the best warranty, so you get many years of enjoyment.

    Shorter installation time: Construction takes a shorter time for gunite than for other pools. When gunite pools are built, a rebar framework is sprayed with a concrete and sand mixture. Gunite pools don’t require a wooden frame to hold their shape, so construction is relatively easy.

    Amenities abound: Built-in underwater benches, a raised wet wall, a rock slide, a large play shelf with an umbrella for the kids, tanning ledges, waterfalls, streams, and spas can be added to gunite pools, giving you multiple options from which to choose in order to create the backyard pool you’ve dreamed of.

    Beautiful aesthetics: Gunite pools are beautiful pools which add to the overall look of your backyard oasis.

    Fewer repairs: There are fewer repairs needed in a gunite pool than other types of pools. Think of how thankful you will be to have uninterrupted fun in a gunite pool. Avoid the inconvenience of needing pool repairs.


    Gunite pools have a higher price tag than other types of in-ground pools, but they are the only pool that offers the distinct customization options you need to beautify your backyard and create the moments you’ve been dreaming of in an in-ground pool.

    You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Memories
    Think of the great memories you can make with your family and friends in a perfectly customized gunite pool. There’s nothing more valuable than great memories. You and your family are worth the investment in a beautiful, long-lasting, customized gunite pool.

    Designer Pools of Tulsa

    Specializing in new pool design and construction, Designer Pools of Tulsa, a premier pool company, builds beautiful in-ground pools and spas homeowners enjoy for years to come. Our process includes the use of state-of-the-art design software to create an interactive 3D design of your pool and spa. It helps the design process to visualize your pool in your backyard and modify the design instantly if necessary, until the optimal pool and spa design is achieved.

    Designer Pools of Tulsa constructs gunite pools that exceed industry standards. The walls are at least 10” thick at all points, and the floors are at least 8” thick. Our team of craftsmen specializes in creating each pool’s outstanding shape. We back our work with a one-year parts and labor guarantee for all pool and spa installations.

    Custom pool and spa design process
    Whether your style preference is traditional, sophisticated, or extravagant, we design your pool and spa to your personal style preferences and create the best backyard configuration using your existing landscaping. Part of the design process includes defining your desires and needs:

    Size and shape of the pool and/or spa: Do you prefer a traditional pool shape or a custom, freeform design tailored to your yard and landscape?

    Pool and spa technology: Designer Pools of Tulsa offers the latest in pool technology and all the modern options homeowners love, from LED lighting and sound systems to traditional pool features.

    Endless aesthetic enhancements: Express your unique style preferences by customizing your pool and/or spa with waterfalls, fountains, slides, an infinity edge, a beach entry, and more.

    Frame your pool and spa with beautiful decking: Choose the decking design around your pool and spa that matches your style preference. Designer Pools of Tulsa offers a variety of options including decking, concrete, pavers, and stone.

    When you’re dreaming about the perfect in-ground swimming pool and spa, the skilled professionals at Designer Pools of Tulsa are here to help make your dream a reality. Our pool installation experts show extreme attention to detail, giving you the best possible product for your investment. Schedule a free design consultation today, and get a quote on the in-ground pool you’ve been dreaming of.