Five Design Elements for Creating your Dream In-ground Pool

Five Design Elements for Creating your Dream In-ground Pool

If you’re dreaming of a lagoon style pool, rather than a traditional pool, you aren’t alone. Lagoon style pools make attractive additions to any Tulsa home and provide an easier way for the homeowner to ‘personalize’ their outdoor oasis. There are a variety of design elements to consider when creating the ideal lagoon style in-ground pool.

The Shape<

Traditional in-ground pools are often circular or rectangular. Lagoon style pools can change the way you see in-ground pools. They have dramatic curves throughout its shape, hence the title ‘lagoon or Laguna’ style pool. When finished with your in-ground pool it should mimic that of a lagoon you might see on an island.

The Features

Because you want your Tulsa in-ground pool to have a natural feel and appearance, rock features work as great attractive additions. You might have grottos and rock walls constructed along one side or scattered along the edges of the wall. In addition, natural palms and ferns are a favorite for consumers because they stay within the ‘natural’ feel of their oasis and they’re appealing; especially when used with the rock features.

A Waterfall

What better way to complete your dream Tulsa in-ground pool than adding a waterfall? Waterfalls are a beautiful part of nature and can be built in a variety of ways, to suit your personal preferences. Rocks, grottos and more materials are options for lagoon pool waterfalls. You’ll feel as though you’re living the most luxurious life when relaxing in your lagoon style pool with a waterfall in the backdrop and natural elements all around.

The Color

The color of your in-ground pool will affect the way the water looks in natural light. The pool’s ambiance will change as the color you use changes. However, if you want to achieve a more ‘natural’ appearance consider dark greens and blues. Or, if you prefer the lighter side of pools, choose a lighter shade.

Pool Entry

You’ve likely noticed most in-ground pools have steps that lead into the water, or they only have ladders as a means of entering or exiting. What if you could walk into your pool like you would the ocean? This is a ‘beach’ entry. Instead of stairs you have a natural slope on end of the pool so it seems as though you’re walking into a massive body of water; instead of stepping into a swimming pool. In addition, a beach entry works great for those with limited mobility or who enjoy tanning in the natural sun, comfortably.

Your Tulsa In-Ground Pool Specialists

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