Less-Noticeable Trends for In-Ground Spas

Less-Noticeable Trends for In-Ground Spas

It’s no surprise that people consider a custom in-ground spa when they want to add a little something ‘extra’ to their swimming pool and outdoor escape in general. After all, what’s a better way to unwind after a long day, relax those sore muscles, or simply fully enjoy your outdoor oasis at any time of the day? In addition, people enjoy the customized options, allowing them to enjoy the exact spa they desire; colored lighting, water features, sound systems, seats, jets, and even benches are just a few of the most popular options. However, you might not automatically think of the smaller, less-noticeable elements that help create the perfect in-ground spa; pumps, remote controls, safety grates, etc.

Smart Pumps

Pumps aren’t used only on pools. An intelligent pump will combine two essential elements; energy efficiency and safety that benefit both the design and functionality of the pump. The safety feature of a pump will signal when it senses any kind of blockage in the drain and automatically shut off within seconds. This is a very important protection feature so you aren’t left with a mess to deal with; in your pool or custom in-ground spa. Why choose an intelligent pump over the traditional pump? Traditional pumps require a lot more energy; therefore an intelligent pump will save you money consistently, year after year.

Control Your Spa Digitally

If you’ve been enjoying spas for quite some time, you probably remember spa experiences before quality digital technology. Nowadays you can control your spa remotely from wherever you are so it’s ready for you, at just the right temperature. Just imagine driving home and imagining stepping into your nice, warm spa as soon as you get home.

Interchangeable Jet Heads

Many people want a swimming pool that compliments their existing backyard sanctuary, customized exactly to their liking and needs. The majority of your own customization is utilized during the planning and designing stages of installing a new pool or spa. Recent, updated jet technology has gone above and beyond by providing interchangeable, oscillating jet heads. This allows you to control the speed, the pressure, and the motion at any time you feel like ‘changing it up.’

Safety First

Prior technology wasn’t advanced enough and you had to really pay attention to the pool grates and any entrapment of hair or other debris. With the current code-compliant pool grates you have increased safety with their targeted design that reduces the possibility of debris entrapment. Spa safety should be approached with safety in mind first and fore-most. Just how enjoyable is your custom in-ground spa if you’re constantly worried about something happening? Your pool and spa grates should have the ability to handle the flow rate that your specific pump requires. If you currently have a pool or spa it’s advised that you schedule a safety inspection prior to swimming season. This gives you time to replace the necessary or potential hazards in time to enjoy the season and your very own custom in-ground spa.

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