Swimming Pools and the Future of LED Lighting

Swimming Pools and the Future of LED Lighting

When you think about pool lighting you probably imagine the standard, 500-watt, 12 inch incandescent light bulb. After all, that’s what older pools have. In past times, the only way to light up a large pool or add lighting to an average size pool was to add more bulbs. Lighting was never a significant consideration when it came to installing or designing a pool. However, in recent years the lighting for pools has evolved and now owners consider lighting a higher priority than before.

When you consider the overall design of your pool and backyard oasis, you should automatically think about the lighting. This way you can design the perfect atmosphere and have a lit up pool that you can enjoy any time of the day or night. Greener technology combined with more interest by consumers is most likely the cause for this evolution in pool lighting.

LED Lighting

In previous years incandescent lighting was the main option for pool lighting. Nowadays LED lighting has quickly taken over because customers absolutely love the results they get with LED lighting vs. incandescent lighting. In addition to being more appealing, LED lights only use a fraction of the energy to light up a pool than incandescent lights. The standard, 500-watt incandescent light has lost the battle to 30 watts or less LED lighting; same amount of lighting but with less energy.

Enhanced Appeal

Unlike the yellowish color of light that incandescent bulbs provide, LED lights have a cleaner and clearer blue light. You most likely notice the differences in such lighting when you see the vehicles that have LED headlights. However, the difference LED lights make to a pool is even more noticeable. Water naturally reflects light, which is one reason homeowners should really consider the lighting of their pool, so the effect of LED lights are magnified when used in a pool. Your water itself will appear more blue, bright and clean when you use LED lights versus incandescent lighting.

Maybe you don’t want just blue LED lights in your pool. That’s okay too. You have up to five different solid colors and can even choose to have the lights change colors quickly or slowly if you like. A timer is used to make this happen and can be a big hit for those who entertain often. You can change the lighting to match the desired environment you choose while entertaining guests.

Above all else, LED lights range in size from as small as 2” diameter and the fixtures can range up to 12” diameters. Most of the time our own clients opt for several, smaller lights as opposed to of a few, larger lights. This is one of the benefits to choosing LED lighting.

LED lighting can be used for more than just lighting up your swimming pool. You can have them installed to lighten staircases, decks, retaining walls, service counters and walkways. We advise using LED lighting for the remainder of your lighting needs to further enhance the ambiance you desire. Especially for lighting walkways to enable guests to safely maneuver to and from your pool during the evenings while entertaining.

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